The Exhale is created by world-renowned violinist Gwendolyn Masin. In recent years she enjoyed great success as soloist, chamber musician, teacher and festival founder all over Europe. In our interview, she shares why she is creating this master course.


Behind the discipline, professionalism and creativity that music-making demands, Gwendolyn recognises the need for holistic wellbeing as the foundation for successful performance and career development.

Bringing together a faculty of exceptional artists and respected practitioners, The Exhale offers participants masterclasses, seminars, workshops and private lessons covering aspects such as technique, repertoire, teaching, performance, professional development, yoga, Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais Method, breath control, meditation, nutrition, music theory, pedagogy, contemporary music analysis, composition, improvisation and councelling.

At a time when so many musicians and audience members are not able to engage in the concert hall or the classroom, The Exhale offers participants a supportive, nurturing community and an opportunity to gain valuable insights and inspirations from world-class professionals.