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Health and wellbeing define performance

Nothing should stop musical talent from its natural expression. But left to our own creative devices, we can become “stuck”. Inspiration falters. Life lessons can be unkind. Self-doubt or injury can surface. If have ever struggled to sustain your musical career, to feed it and nourish it, to enjoy it, The Exhale is for you. What is The Exhale? • A safe space to pause, explore and refresh • For professional musicians, amateurs and music students • A unique community of world-leading musicians and holistic practitioners • Impactful masterclasses, at your fingertips, helping you cut down your carbon footprint • A supportive, nurturing programme that empowers you to creative and personal freedom • Transforming music education through diversity, reflected both in our course material as well as our faculty. Find the tools to take control of your musical journey. Connect with world-class professionals and fellow students via meaningful, rewarding learning. Welcome to The Exhale.

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Gwendolyn Masin The Exhale About

The Exhale was founded by violinist Gwendolyn Masin. The goal - to fulfil
the need for holistic wellbeing as the foundation for successful
performance and career development. Music making demands discipline,
professionalism and creativity. For us to live in and through music,
we need a place where we can begin an inner journey to understanding, without outward expectation. We need a place where we can learn to Exhale.

The year is 2021. A world that used to be flooded with music has fallen silent, our stages empty. This brings us to a moment of self-reflection.

What is the function of music to you? How do you think it should sound? What would you like to listen to, and how? When you play, would you like to do so with a sense of ease?

The real experience of making music - of listening intensely, of moving intently through time and space, of immersing yourself in exploration of the senses - is not a matter of course. It is a joy and privilege. We look forward to sharing it with you.