The Mozart Violin Concerti – Played Effortlessly

Réka Szilvay

Réka Szilvay Nuottitausta ovaali rajaus Réka Szilvay

In these classes focusing on Mozart violin concerti, we will explore how to obtain greater ease and playfulness so that the true character of the works can shine through. Imagination, humor, freshness and spirit evolve from a free mind and body

In these classes, Réka Szilvay will guide you through both technical and musical elements, as well as imparting knowledge of ergonomy in violin playing.

This event consists of four classes. In the first introductory class, Réka will show ways to play the violin effortlessly with chosen examples of the Mozart concerti. The following three classes, each focusing on the first movements of the last three Concerti, will take the form of a masterclass. All cadenzas are welcome!

18th April: Concerti overview

19th April: G major concerto masterclass

20th April: D major concerto masterclass

21st April: A major concerto masterclass


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Alle Sessions: 75,00 € Einzelne Sessions: 20,00 €

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Réka Szilvay Nuottitausta ovaali rajaus Réka Szilvay

Réka Szilvay