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Ann Lovatt

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Week 2 - Flow

You are the Instrument! Come and explore your mind and body via gentle movement, meditation and mindful techniques. Methods include body awareness, the breath connection, visualisations and self care. A short guided meditation will end each session setting you up for the remainder of your day.

Starting Meditative practise can seem daunting at first. You might question if there is time in your life for what may feel like an indulgence of time put aside just for you. The truth is that if you take a few small steps with the right guidance, meditative practise can not only be fun, invigorating and deeply relaxing but it brings scientifically proven health benefits too.

If you are a teacher you will leave the sessions with techniques to pass on to your pupils concerning breathing, posture, self care and general well being. As a performer you will find that a deeper understanding of your body and how you respond to the demands of being both an athlete and an authentic projector of your art, are central to life.

Although we are well trained in artistic and technical preparation, often we are held back from being freely passionate in our craft because our bodies let us down with injuries and stress related issues. Negative thoughts, 'I need to be fixed', 'I can't cope', are often lurking in the background. We cannot separate mind and body, each session will provide a nurturing space for self exploration. When the curtain finally rises we will go forward with greater resilience and ease if we have first listened to our inner voice and met our own stillness.


Do. 1. April 2021, 9:30–10:00 Aufnahme

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Our community classes are based on a system of dāna. Dāna is the practice of cultivating generosity. At The Exhale, multiple hours of learning are given each week in the form of community classes, where the price of a class is recommended but not imposed. Those who teach these community classes volunteer their time and offer the revenue generated by it to faculty members who are in financial need during this unprecedented time in our collective history. We thank you for supporting this eco-system of giving and receiving!

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