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As a member, you help us support the international music community, ensuring the sheer delight of music-making continues to be available to everyone.

The Exhale: 10 Euro

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The Exhalee: 20 Euro und höher

  • 1 Exclusive Members-Only Monthly Event, Free of Charge for Members
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By becoming a member, you’ll not only gain access to exclusive content, classes and discounts, but your contribution gives life and strength to our vision:

The Exhale is entirely committed to fostering a holistic approach to music, arts, and learning that is accessible to everyone. Your membership allows us to develop classes and sessions with some of the world’s leading experts on subjects not readily available under one roof anywhere else.

You help us nourish the research and development of individual ideas, ideas that all serve the same final purpose of enabling a long, joyous journey in music.

Additionally, you support the work of artists who all seek to offer our community continuously inspired and inspiring outlets by which to share the utter joy of music-making.

Your membership ensures our future – that of The Exhale and the international music community as a whole.

We thank our members who provide us with ways to:

  • Support more than 80 artists from around the world to refine and develop ways to offer holistic approaches to music education and exchange.
  • Provide diverse learning opportunities to a wide range of participants from around the world.
  • Keep fees as low as possible, so that those with the smallest incomes can also be included.
  • Offer community classes, which are based on a system of dāna. Dāna is the practice of cultivating generosity. At The Exhale, multiple hours of learning are given each week in the form of community classes, where the price of a class is recommended but not imposed. Those who teach these community classes volunteer their time and offer the revenue generated by it to faculty members who are in financial need during this unprecedented time in our collective history. We thank you for supporting this eco-system of giving and receiving!
  • Create a hub to offer the lifelong student a community to connect, share and expand their knowledge of themselves and the musical world.

Join us! and support a place where we can all learn to exhale

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