In Balance to Breathe

Aisling Casey

Aisling hans vd woerd

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Join Aisling Casey, Principal Oboe with the Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra and qualified Body Mapping instructor as she takes us through the importance of balance for optimal & free breathing. Aisling will use the principles of Body Mapping to help you discover more freedom through a balanced body, and therefore more freedom in your playing.

As bipeds, and when vertical, we balance our head every day on the top of our spines, which is quite an anatomical feat given it weighs 5-6 kgs. The miraculous design of the human body makes this possible allowing us to move with very little effort, once we use our bodies in the correct way for which they were designed. Being in balance leads to our breathing apparatus having the potential to function with great freedom.

February 9th

Using the principles of Body Mapping, Day 1 will introduce you to the importance of the senses and awareness for freedom of movement.

February 10th

Day 2 will be all about the points of dynamic balance in the body.

February 11th

Day 3 will be all about the movement of breathing using the knowledge of dynamic balance points acquired in Day 2.

February 12th

Day 4 will integrate everything you have learned in a practical masterclass setting, so bring your instrument and something to play!


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Aisling hans vd woerd

Aisling Casey