Philippe Borer


Philippe Borer (1955) has trained with Max Rostal, Ruggiero Ricci and Jan Sedivka. He has held various positions as member of orchestras and chamber ensembles in Switzerland, Italy and Australia and has carried out research in the field of violin pedagogy, receiving his PhD in 1995. From 1998 he has performed with a curved bow, his polyphonic repertoire comprising works by Marini, Westhoff, Bach, Paganini and Bach Bachtischa.

He has recorded contemporary music for violin and viola, premiering works by Don Kay, Jean-Frédéric Perrenoud and John Michet.

Since 2007 Philippe Borer has been conducting masterclasses on violin intonation, notably at the Novgorod State University, the Mozarteum Salzburg and the University of Alberta. His research in tuning systems and violin intonation has led to the creation of the “Violin Slide-Rule” for the calculation and the visualisation of musical intervals. His publications include the frequently quoted “The Twenty-Four Caprices of Niccolò Paganini, their significance for the history of violin playing and the music of the Romantic era” (Zurich, 1997). In 2011-2016, further studies in Greek and Sanskrit. Currently Philippe Borer teaches violin and viola at the Société Suisse de Pédagogie Musicale.

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