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Matthew Jones

Matthew Jones

Join Matthew Jones as he amalgamates his two popular series at The Exhale, 'The Science of Practice' and 'Yoga for Musicians who have no time for Yoga'. Find out how yoga, meditation and awareness of the physical and mental aspects of ourselves can help our instrumental practice; the importance of the positive mental attitude to our practice session, and ways of motivating ourselves towards the positive intention when we don’t feel like practicing.

These sessions will consist of 30 minutes of yoga followed by a 30 minute break. The Art of Science will then be 60 minutes in length.

13 January

Setting intentions. ‘Sankalpa’ in yoga is the intention set at the beginning of a class - never in our lifetimes has our intention been more important. The short yoga set will expand on the concept and practical examples of the intention in yoga exercises.

27 January

Balancing what we need with what we want. How to choose what to practice and how - both in yoga and in music. Exploring the pleasure principle - doing what we think will make us most happy - and the contrast of the “should”s that make up so much of our musical training. How can we find a balance?

10 February

The big picture. How can I get perspective on my yogic and musical development? How to develop positive routine without falling to a formulaic rut. Keeping an eye on the ‘micro’ and ‘macro’ views. Planning longer term goals when shorter ones can seem futile.


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