The Sound Of Sorcery – A Collaboration by PJ Lynch and Gwendolyn Masin

PJ Lynch, Gwendolyn Masin

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In a one-off collaboration with one of Ireland’s foremost illustrators and violinist Gwendolyn Masin, PJ Lynch brings some of his favourite illustrations for children’s books to The Exhale and marries it with some of classical music’s most fantastical compositions. PJ Lynch and Gwendolyn will lead through the hour with stories and tales that engage children’s imaginations, all the while using music’s descriptive element to draw children ever deeper into a new world full of magic. Children will be equally encouraged to draw themselves, inspired by the music they hear.

All children aged 6-11 welcome, accompanied by an adult. Only 14 places available.

Please bring along: some sheets of A4 paper and a biro or a coloured marker.


Do. 8. April 2021, 12:00–13:00 Aufnahme

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Our community classes are based on a system of dāna. Dāna is the practice of cultivating generosity. At The Exhale, multiple hours of learning are given each week in the form of community classes, where the price of a class is recommended but not imposed. Those who teach these community classes volunteer their time and offer the revenue generated by it to faculty members who are in financial need during this unprecedented time in our collective history. We thank you for supporting this eco-system of giving and receiving!

Preis: 10,00 €