The Insider's Guide to Buying a Bow

Sean Bishop

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Buying a bow? No idea what to look for? 58g or 65g? French or German?

We are delighted to welcome Sean Bishop, Director of Bishop instruments & bows , London, to guide us through the world of bows and how to be confident in purchasing one.

Topics will include:

1. History of the bow

2. The Genius of FX Tourte

3. Famous 19th Century French bowmakers

4. Sartory...the 20th Century genius.

5. Differences between French, German and English bows...and what makes a good bow

6. Best value bow makers

7. W.E.Hill & Sons bow making

8. New Bows v Old Bows


Sa. 24. Oktober 2020, 8:00–8:45 Aufnahme

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