Pilates Practice with Joely

Joely Koos

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Come and join Joely with Pilates practice - mindfully working on your posture, your core, and building your strength and suppleness in your key muscles.

Joely is not a trained teacher but has been practising Pilates for the last 15 years viewing it as an essential part of her well being as a musician.

Since lockdown in March she has led Pilates practice sessions three times a week with a treasured group of musical friends who share their passion for well being in many different ways on a daily basis. As a group they have found working together in a supportive environment has been helpful, not only with regard to their physical well being, but of huge benefit to their emotional and mental health too.

You will need to bring a mat, water, a towel and a band (long scarf or a dressing gown cord will do!)


Sa. 23. Oktober 2021, 4:00–5:00 Aufnahme

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Joely koos cello krisztian sipos photography 20180605 175 2

Joely Koos