Member Event | Tension-Taming Left-Hand Technique for Violin and Viola

Lisa Burrell

Lisa Burrell

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Tension-Taming Left-Hand Technique for Violin and Viola

Do you or your students experience shoulder pain, fatigue, or sluggishness in the left hand? Does playing on lower strings or in high positions result in poor intonation and loss of facility?

From early study through professional playing, violinists and violists are prone to shoulder pain, sluggishness, fatigue, and tightness in the left hand. These issues can lead to poor intonation and facility in the short term, and both orthopedic and neurological injury patterns over time.

For over ten years I have been bringing my training as certified Feldenkrais practitioner into work with professional musicians, into private teaching of violin/viola students, and into school music programs to help musicians alleviate common tension and injury patterns using a movement-based approach.

In this workshop we will examine a range of mechanical issues that arise from the overloaded left side of the body. I will introduce you to some Feldenkrais-derived movement lesson you can use to recognize mechanical distinctions between pronation/supination, rotation, adduction/abduction, and both their distinct and coordinated rolls in playing. We will look specifically at how misuse or overuse of these movements affect our comfort and effectiveness in fluid fingering, playing in high positions, playing double stops, and vibrato.


Mi. 9. Februar 2022, 10:00–11:00 Aufnahme

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Lisa Burrell

Lisa Burrell