Introducing the ColourStrings Teaching (Gala Introductory Session)

Géza Szilvay


Gala Introductory Session

Introducing the ColourStrings Teaching | Material, Technique and Philosophy

(All members of The Exhale can attend this event for free)

We are privileged to welcome to The Exhale distinguished violin pedagogue Professor Géza Szilvay, founder of the Colourstrings programme and ESTA President, to deliver a 21 hour series Introduction to Colourstrings teaching on Material, Technique and Philosophy, starting on the 29th August. Ahead of this, we are delighted to welcome you to this gala session to introduce the series. If you have ever been curious about colour strings and would like to know whether the long course is for you, please come along to this introductory session.

For the main series, we welcome active participants wanting to know more about teaching colourstrings on violin and viola and who will commit to attending the entire course. Participants will be eligible for a discount with the publisher of the Colourstrings material. We are also delighted to offer current ESTA members a discount on the course price (Full price €380, ESTA discount €320). Please email for a discount code.


Colourstrings© creates a firm musical foundation for the child, which means child-centred music teaching. In 40 years of successfully teaching this method was developed further and refined. The philosophy and method does not form or mould the child to the need of the instrument but rather domesticates the instruments and the instrumental teaching to meet the child’s need.

Colourstrings© is not limited only to teaching manual dexterity movements made by the two hands but tend also to give the whole music as an “art-package” to the child, where the developing of instrumental technique, the musical hearing (with the help of the relative Solmisation), understanding (music theory) and the musical emotions occur in equilibrium all the time.

Colourstrings© involves many senses in learning any new idea. To teach more complex notions, the instrumental school will make use of Colour- and Picture symbols.

To see and to hear goes hand in hand. Thus the learning is deeper and more lasting.
But also musical writing and reading is connected from the very beginning with playing. While playing and reading, movements are connected with intellectual processes. Playing an instrument thus develops also to an intellectual activity.

The 21 hour course will be held over 4 weekends starting August 29th 2021.

Subjects of the sessions:

Basic rhythm exercises played with left hand “numbered” pizzicato and guided bow.

Open string and octave natural harmonics exercises played with individual bow stroke movements.

Natural harmonics in first position.

Reading and playing in the one-line system , summary of book A.

Stopping with the first finger.

Stopping with the second finger

Stopping with the third finger

Stopping with the fourth finger

Summary of book B

Introducing the five-line system, new rhythms and the slur (legato).

Bow division, new rhythms and the major pentachord.

String crossing, playing on two strings and extended tone-set.

Pentatony and summary of book C.

Minor melodies with new finger pattern, major and minor pentachord.

Hexachords and new rhythms.

Diatony and new rhythms.

Summary of book D.

Finger patterns (Books E and F).

Rhythms and beats (Yellow Pages I and II).

Bowings (Yellow Pages III).

Positions (Books G)


Sa. 17. Juli 2021, 7:00–8:30 Aufnahme

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