Etudes 101 | The Kreutzer Sessions No 22 copy

Peter Sheppard Skaerved, Gwendolyn Masin

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2nd November: No 15

Moderato in D major. Introduces the element of drama, of powerful dynamic effects, to the decorated melody. The effect is not unlike thunder and lightning shaking
the chandeliers in a beautiful salon.

During this autumn/winter season of Etudes 101, Gwendolyn embarks on the second of three 12-week cycles through Rodolphe Kreutzer's Etudes with her guest, Peter Sheppard Skærved.

To some, the Kreutzer Etudes are dull exercises. Not so with Peter and Gwendolyn. They have the uncanny ability to illuminate the corners of these milestone Etudes in such an exciting manner that history, performance practice and pedagogy become one unit.

Peter writes: ‘It’s a joy to return to our exploration of Kreutzer’s wonderful pieces. Working sequentially through the whole cycle offers so much. First of all, if we trust what Kreutzer is asking of us, the pieces are a window on the idealistic approach to the violin, as celebrated by the three great disciples of Giovanni Battista Viotti. Secondly, he challenges us to find the balance, the integrity, of musical and technical demands and ideals. Thirdly, the first edition, freed of the ‘improvements’ of recent editors, offers a remarkable primer for the performance practice of the generation of what might be called the ‘Revolutionary Violin’, from ‘portes-des-voix’ through to bow-distribution. Do join us as we re-embark on this adventure’!

Reference to the order of the etudes (these differ amongst the myriad editions in circulation) is made by way of the first edition. Publisher info: Paris: Cherubini, Mehul, Kreutzer, Rode, Isouard, Boieldieu, n.d.(1805). This can be found, for example, on IMSLP.


Di. 25. Januar 2022, 12:30–13:00 Aufnahme

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