Sylvie Hörning

Certified Nonviolent Communication trainer and assessor with the CNVC

Sylvie Hörning is a Swiss-based certified Nonviolent Communication trainer and assessor with the CNVC. She has lived in many countries and has always been fascinated in discovering and experiencing different cultures and communicating with people in their own language. Having been stressed and disturbed by conflicts from a young age, Sylvie studied law in an attempt to better understand and solve them. She discovered Nonviolent Communication about 15 years ago and has been practicing it ever since. For Sylvie, it was like learning a new language. It helped her develop important skills and provided her with simple tools to connect with issues at the heart level, and address whatever conflicts arise with an authentic approach. Now as a Nonviolent Communication trainer, Sylvie enjoys sharing her experience and accompanying individuals, families, and groups on their own personal paths.