How I Fell in Love with Yoga

by Gwendolyn Masin

When I met Clare Nicholls, I had been exploring yoga - I had enjoyed the benefits of movement in harmony with breath but I also felt that I was being led through a world where I was being shown things in random order. The arbitrary nature of how I experienced it being taught was confusing to me and kept me away from the wish to commit to: myself. Myself on the mat.

Standing Twist

There's Yoga - and then there's yoga

Meeting Clare changed many things for me. She introduced me to considered practice; she understood the challenges musicians face - both physical and emotional. She knew I become impatient when I sit still; she knew that my potential for meditation was there (like it is for everyone) but that a gentle, persuasive and systematic approach would allow me to walk a path to myself. She identified my interest in understanding the culture and philosophy around yoga and has explained myriad aspects of it in spell-binding ways. She did study acting after all...

I now practice nearly every day and that with joy and a sense of fulfilment. I haven't suffered an injury in more than three years. Clare's ten-year experience as a midwife in the UK also meant that she guided me during my pregnancy - and had me in tune with my breath and at ease in my body throughout it.

If there is any desire for you to learn what yoga is about; if you wish to not just learn the theory of how to move but also put it into practise; if you are already a practising yogini but want to hone your technique; if you wish to be led by a highly experienced, dedicated teacher who is utterly committed to her work as a yoga guide, and if, like so many of us, you know that you can find a sense of bliss within yourself, every day: then visit Clare at The Exhale. You won't look back - unless that's part of the asana.

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