Katrina McGuinness

Director of Artistic Planning for the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

Katrina McGuinness was appointed Director of Artistic Planning for the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra in January 2017. As head of the artistic department, she is responsible for planning and programming the Classical Subscription series, Summer Classical series, Happy Hour Series, and overseeing the Educational programming also. McGuinness works closely with the Music Director, crafting artistic projects, selecting artists and composers to work with, nurturing strong relationships with colleagues, and guiding the artistic profile of the orchestra. In recent years, McGuinness led the orchestra in a successful search for an Associate Conductor and Concertmaster. She is currently spearheading the orchestra’s Music Director search. Having worked as an Assistant Artist Manager at one of Europe’s leading artist management companies, her experience in the field of artistic programming and classical artist research is what encouraged her appointment at the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. In December 2013, she was appointed Executive Assistant to the Senior Vice President of Artistic Planning and was soon promoted to Manager of Artistic Planning. McGuinness has seen her career progress rapidly and throughout this time, she has built a strong network in the music business. While pursuing her doctoral studies in piano performance at the Royal Irish Academy of Music with the highly acclaimed Irish pianists John O’Conor and Therese Fahy, she spent two summers working for the Aspen Music Festival and School. Knowing that her career was moving in the direction of artist management, she accepted the offer in September 2011 to work for HarrisonParrott Artist Management in London. Throughout her studies in music performance, Ms. McGuinness was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship, an Indiana University Associate Instructorship Scholarship, a Maura Tessier Scholarship and a Yamaha Music Foundation Scholarship.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Dublin City University, a
Masters in Music degree and a Performance Diploma from Indiana
University, Bloomington.

Spoken language: English

Katrina Mc Guinness

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