James Stanbridge


James Stanbridge is the 'Go To' techie for many, mostly because of his calm but deep knowledge of how technology should serve us all and not get in our way. A senior executive with Microsoft, Oracle and more recently working with startups, small business and entrepreneurs. James brings his business expertise (having brought several multimillion dollar business to market) and specialises in making it so that any teacher, artist or performer can be possible online; His expertise runs across 'automation' (or auto-magic as he calls it), social media, video presence, project planning, task management and getting the most from 'cloud based' tools. He is passionate about Green issues, especially sustainability; he has spoken globally for the #heForShe campaign for gender rights and volunteers for Touch Sala Bai, a School in Siam Reap, Cambodia and has lived and worked in Shanghai, China for 3 years, Singapore for 7 years, extensively in Silicon Valley and Seattle in the US and is now back, based in the UK where he lives with his wife and 2 young children. When not writing a new piece of code, his hobbies include sailing, his allotment and cooking.

James is The Exhale's technology consultant.

Spoken language: English

SW5 1157 James Stanbridge

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