Helen Barry

Visual Art

Helen Barry is a Dublin-based visual artist, trained dancer and educator. She has spent over 30 years honing her collaborative practice and works with all ages across a range of demographics using a multi-disciplinary approach. Helen’s practice is imbued with the responses and stimuli offered through direct engagement in providing and developing arts experiences with and for others. This collaborative process is what drives her work, from the initial concept through to the design, making and sharing of the creative output with her collaborators and/or new audiences.

Helen’s work supports the development and awareness of aural, visual and physical literacy. The synergy created by using a cross-disciplinary approach provides a sensorium palette from which Helen draws from. Everything exists on the horizon; a perpetual visual and aural palatte of sensations and frequencies through which we interpretate the world around us.

Helen is a trained Visual Thinking Strategies facilitator. Its core principles underpin her approach to working with children. She has received several awards and bursaries for her work with early-years children and is currently being supported by The Arts Council of Ireland. Helen’s work ‘Sculptunes’, interactive sound installations for early-years children and families is being supported by The National Concert Hall in Dublin.

Spoken language: English

Helen Barry Investigating Spine

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