The Exhale is a pilot project created by Gwendolyn Masin, a violinist of world renown. In recent years she enjoyed great success as soloist, chamber musician, teacher and festival founder all over Europe. In our interview, she shares why she is creating this master course.


A professional musician needs holistic well-being as their foundation for a long and successful career. The Exhale is a master course with exceptional musicians and specialists conveying awareness and understanding of physical well-being to the participants. Apart from private lessons and coachings in chamber music, the master course will include workshops and seminars – covering topics such as yoga, breath awareness, meditation, Dispokinesis, improvisation and conscious eating.

The Exhale is aimed at professional musicians as well as string students with a wish to have a professional career. The Exhale also encourages young string players already working as professional concert musicians and advanced amateurs to improve their skills.