QiGong for your Body, Energy and Mind


Simon Tandree 85

Enhance the energy flow of your body. Reduce your stress levels dramatically and correct your unhelpful postural habits.

Simon's background as a Violist (ex-member of the Doric String Quartet) and years of touring and performing in many of the worlds most renowned concert halls and festivals has given Simon an inside knowledge of the mental, emotional and physical stresses and strains that Musicians have to cope with. Using the Qigong as a tool to reset the body and Vortex for emotional and psychological wellbeing enables Simon to help musicians re-pattern their habits and build a completely new relationship with their instruments and even more importantly, with their creativity.

With Spontaneous movement Qigong you will learn to activate your Dantian (primary energy centre) to open up the subtle energy pathways and rid the body of the build up of stress and pathogenic factors. This frees up our energy system to let go of our usual mode of coping and enables it to begin to thrive, opening up our entire system to optimal health and enhancing our creative faculties.


Dieser Kurs besteht aus mehreren Einheiten.

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Alle Sessions: 40,00 € Einzelne Sessions: 15,00 €

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Simon Tandree