Playing with Ease and Expressivity while avoiding injury

Janet Horvath

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Our instrument is our voice through which we hope to convey exceptional musical expression. But too often we push ourselves to the breaking point and may suffer pain or dysfunction at odds with our skill. Join me to learn how to avoid injury and play with effortlessness, fluency, and eloquence.

The series of classes will begin with an introduction to injury prevention Playing (Less) Hurt © in a vivid PowerPoint presentation. Appropriate for all levels of players and all instruments: explore with me why it may sometimes hurt to play; how repetitive motions, awkward postures, and tension can cumulatively result in pain. Learn about postures that may be risky, individual propensities that may cause injury, and the danger signals. Investigate strategies that will help you achieve the best physical oneness with your instrument. We will explore effective practicing, good posture, warming up, and ease of technique and hence expression.

We’ll survey the many props, splints, ergonomic tools, and instrument modifications that are available to help us, (including chairs, cushions, and devices for self-massage.)

We are taught to sit like statues. Try with me, my “mini-breaks” several tension reducing moves that can even be done onstage and stretches we can do backstage or even in the shower to loosen muscles and lubricate joints.

Experiencing discomfort should not be a reflection on you as a musician. It doesn’t have to hurt to play, but sometimes the repertoire we are playing or the positions we must get into on our instruments results in awkward postures and excessive repetitive motions. Should the worst happen, we’ll explore what to do if you hurt and rehabilitation strategies both at home and gradual return in the orchestral setting.

The following series of classes we’ll explore together in more depth, with our instruments in hand:
1) Excellent Posture, Effective Practice, and Exemplary Performance
2) The Left Hand: How to achieve a light, quick technique, and shift without fear
3) The Right Hand: Producing a beautiful, free, open sound though a tension-free bow arm
4) Anxiety reduction through breathing, mental imagery, and movement. We’ll consider how to achieve the feeling that your instrument is not a barrier to expression but a conduit.


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