General Term and Conditions for Teachers and Contributors

General Terms and Conditions – Teaching Staff and Participants

As of: 1 September 2020

I. Teachers

1. The Exhale Master Class Association (hereinafter The Exhale) provides face-to-face and online lessons in the fields of classical music, chamber music, physical activity, nutrition, and counselling.

2. The Exhale compiles the online courses and liaises with the teachers regarding the subject matter, duration, time, frequency, price and other conditions concerning the course offered by the respective teacher. Teachers undertake to hold the courses in accordance with the agreed course offer by means of electronic confirmation. The Exhale will regularly promote the lesson and the Teacher via its social media channels in the run up to the lesson. The Teacher is also required to promote each lesson via their own social channels at least once per week in the run up to each lesson.

3. Teachers receive a fee for their teaching work at The Exhale. They are entitled to a fee according to the following participation model:

a. Group lessons (accessible to more than one participant):

  1. 50% of the proceeds from each course is paid to the teacher.
  2. 50 % of the proceeds from each course is paid to The Exhale to cover organisational, administrative, marketing and infrastructure costs.

b. One-to-one lessons (accessible to one participant only):

For one-to-one lessons, the teacher fixes the price individually:

  1. 80 % of the proceeds is paid to the teacher. 20% of the proceeds is paid to The Exhale as compensation for administration and infrastructure costs.
  2. For courses under 60 EUR, The Exhale receives 10 EUR for administration and to cover organisation, administration, marketing and infrastructure costs.

The Exhale and the teachers may deviate from the two models (lit. a. and b.) by mutual agreement and by electronic means.

4. After completing their series course at the Exhale, teachers receive an e-mail statement. Teachers who give courses on a regular basis receive an e-statement every month. This statement implies their income based on their given courses. Once the teacher has confirmed their acceptance of the statement by e-mail, the fee will be transferred to the teacher's bank or PayPal account within 7 days.

5. Audio and video recordings of the courses will be made for quality assurance purposes. These recordings may not be distributed in their entirety to the public. In consultation with the teachers concerned, the Exhale shall be entitled to use parts of the recordings for marketing purposes. Teachers are not permitted to advertise their own activities during the courses organised by The Exhale. In particular, no e-mail addresses or other contact details may be requested from participants.

6. Teachers shall provide The Exhale with a biography in English or German, a portrait photograph, and a video presentation for marketing purposes prior to the course period.

7. The Exhale shall process personal data of the lecturers only to the extent necessary for the execution of the course. Any further issues shall be governed by the Privacy Policy of The Exhale.