Yoga for Musicians (August Series)

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These 'musician-friendly' yoga sessions are designed for you to start the day feeling energised and refreshed and are suitable for everyone, including beginners.

Support your health and well-being by addressing the physical, mental, and emotional challenges you face as a musician. Getting on the mat is a way of turning inwards and addressing all our outward experiences in a calm manner. By bringing awareness to our breath, we support our body's natural wisdom to help increase focus. In this yoga session, find equilibrium, build strength and decrease stress.

1st August Natural hip flexibility

This week's session will gently release tension from our hips. Our hips are the first place to hold tension from stress as the muscles are directly connected to our stress response.
As musicians we have a tendency to hold tensions in parts of our body, and hips can be overlooked as they do not seem to be directly related to our playing. When we focus on this area we can improve our whole blood circulation, massage the inner organs and relieve pressure from our lower back.

8th August Letting go and control through breath

Letting go of difficult emotions and moving blocked energy through and out of the body using breath.
This Sunday’s Yoga for Musicians class is for our BREATH. This will be especially helpful for concentration improvement, stress release, self regulating emotions and life state using breathing techniques as well as bringing a greater connection to our body.
By consciously connecting to our breath and encouraging it to its natural rhythm and full capacity in stillness and movement, we can:
Bring harmony and focus to the mind and body
Activate our parasympathetic nervous system
Find freedom in our creativity, music making

15th August
Neck alignment

This session will help you relieve stress and tension in the neck, shoulders and back and show you how to adapt poses for healing.

22nd August Hatha flow for invigorating and refreshed awareness at our instruments.

This class will focus on building strength, and creating a sense of lightness and ease through balance, coordination, and swift transitioning between postures.


Classes held via zoom, limited to small numbers. This event has multiple classes. Missed a class? You can still purchase a ticket to access the recording.

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All sessions: €44.00 Individual sessions: €10.00

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