Psychotherapist's Open Door - What Is My Responsibility As A Teacher? Part 2 (3rd February 2021)

Emma Black

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What Is My Responsibility As A Teacher? (Part 2)

*No need to have attended part 1 to join this discussion, but if you want to catch up you can do so here*

How can I meet unspecified expectations beyond my training?

We are often called on as teachers and educators to be all things to all people, to be of psychological support, even when that is not something that comes with the job. This class is a space to explore the demands of the role, to share experience and knowledge in a supportive space, in order to gain a better understanding of what can be expected of us, and should not, outlining boundaries and giving ourselves permission to say no.


Developing and maintaining a capacity for peak performance is hugely demanding. In sport, there are often whole teams of therapists and coaches dedicated to helping players fulfil their potential. In the professional world of performing arts, such support structures are often lacking and we may have to seek out our own mentors, coaches and therapists of our own. There is a lot we can learn to do for ourselves to ensure a fulfilling and sustainable career lies ahead of us. We can develop greater resilience, a greater capacity to care for ourselves effectively and we can keep our creative self well-fuelled. These classes focus on building the necessary personal and interpersonal skills and resources to do this.

“Emma’s sessions are always informative and eye-opening”

“As busy people and musicians we often forget how important self-care is or don’t even know what it is! An hour a week really helps to tune in to yourself and observe the way you choose to live”


Wed 3. February 2021, 13:00–14:30 Recorded Class

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Our community classes are based on a system of dāna. Dāna is the practice of cultivating generosity. At The Exhale, multiple hours of learning are given each week in the form of community classes, where the price of a class is recommended but not imposed. Those who teach these community classes volunteer their time and offer the revenue generated by it to faculty members who are in financial need during this unprecedented time in our collective history. We thank you for supporting this eco-system of giving and receiving!

Classes held via zoom, limited to small numbers. Community classes are free to attend, with a recommended donation per person. However, please donate what you can – no one will be prevented from attending due to financial circumstances.

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