The Insider's Guide to Buying a String Instrument


Nicolo Gagliano

Description: Daunted by buying a stringed instrument? Where to start? Was Stradivari a genius? What is the difference between a Stradivari and Guarneri and how to tell what model your violin is? Old versus new? How to select a violin?

So many unknowns, but, don't worry, this class will help you develop the confidence to make a good purchase.

We are delighted to welcome Sean, Director of Bishop instruments & bows, one of Europe's premier instrument shops, to discuss the following topics:

1.Basic history ..who made the first violin!

2.From Maggini to today's makers

3.Stradivari...was he a Genius?

4.Guarneri family ....was Del Gesu that good?

5.How to tell the difference between these makers!

6. Easy tips to tell how good a violin/viola/cello is.

7. What to look for in a new violin.

8. Old v new makers...what is best?

9. Undervalued makers

10. Q&A


Sat 17.10.20, 12:00–12:45 Recorded Class

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Sean Bishop