Scales Flow- State of Bliss - Celebrating One Year Online (27th April 2021)

Gwendolyn Masin

Gwendolyn Masin DSC 2511

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Today marks The Exhale's One-Year-Online-Aversary! To celebrate, Gwendolyn has invited some of our faculty members to join in the fun for a 120-minute flow class that promises bliss before the proverbial shavasana.

Join Gwendolyn Masin, Réka Szilvay (violin), Dominic Moore (violin), Matthew Jones (viola), Joely Koos (cello), Dale Culliford (cello), Saskia Rao de Haas (cello), Amy Likar (flute), and Charl du Plessis (piano) THIS Tuesday for an extraordinary event. This remarkable collective will teach a scale-cornucopia from Flesch's G major Arpeggio and Scale in 4 octaves to an Indian scale as played by Yehudi Menuhin with Ravi Shankar.

Programme (15 minutes per guest artist)

Amy Likar: An expressive G major scale integrating Body Mapping and Alexander Technique.
Matthew Jones: A ‘permutation scale’ up one string.
Saskia Rao de Haas: Indian scale as played by Yehudi Menuhin with Ravi Shankar in their collaboration.
Réka Szilvay: An A major scale focusing on right hand exercises.
Joely Koos: We just couldn't decide! YOU the participants can chose between:
1. Globetrotting Arpeggios
Choose a note and play major/minor arpeggios in every inversion (if time 7ths too)
Apply bowing challenge - speed/weight ratio
2. Screwball Scales
Using a few words (e.g. think of a colour, an animal, an action), this challenges you to create a rhythm - work out your bowing and then work up the speed of a scale.
Dominic Moore: G major Arpeggio and Scale in 4 octaves, for development of hand position.
Dale Culliford: D major scale which will include an introduction to thumb position.
Charl du Plessis: Learning a jazz scale by rote.

And on other Tuesdays, join Gwendolyn for 30 minutes and learn a scale a week. Gwendolyn explains and applies an aspect of technique during every class in an accessible way. Gwendolyn will also spend a portion of time explaining how physical movement can help reduce injury and release unnecessary tension, so essential for liberating you as a player!

Come along, bring your instrument and a sense of curiosity as we proceed to connect those dots on the page. This is a playalong and there will be time for you to explore a scale and ask questions. These are all-levels sessions, though challenging, and particularly suitable for intermediate to advanced players.


Tue 27. April 2021, 11:00–13:00 Recorded Class

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Our community classes are based on a system of dāna. Dāna is the practice of cultivating generosity. At The Exhale, multiple hours of learning are given each week in the form of community classes, where the price of a class is recommended but not imposed. Those who teach these community classes volunteer their time and offer the revenue generated by it to faculty members who are in financial need during this unprecedented time in our collective history. We thank you for supporting this eco-system of giving and receiving!

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Gwendolyn Masin DSC 2511

Gwendolyn Masin