Bow Pranayama. Three string shorts.

Ruth Phillips

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Bow Pranayama

Another word on slow breathing. It goes by another name: ‘prayer’

James Nestor, Breath

When we play, we should ‘just breathe naturally’. But what does that mean, exactly? And what is ‘natural’?

Many of us have developed emotional or cultural holding patterns that prevent us from breathing freely and fully. In these three shorts we will extend simple breathing exercises out towards our playing body and mind. A sort of pranayama for the bow arm, we will wake up our breathing from its habitual state so that it is alive and supporting our movement and awareness at all times, increasing blood flow to the brain and creating calm. Letting go and ‘just breathing naturally’ will then take on a new meaning.

Other benefits of healthy breathing include the co-ordination to peak efficiency of the heart function, circulation and the nervous system, presence, feeling grounded….let’s go!

Oct 6th: The Inhale and tension - holding.

Oct 7th: The Exhale and release - letting go.

Oct 8th: Heart Resonance (Coherent, slow) Breathing - control.


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Ruth Philips at The Exhale Master Course

Ruth Phillips