Recipes to support nerves & optimise your performance (22nd October 2020)

Tara-Lee Byrne


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Join Tara-Lee, the conscious cheffing cellist, in a three-part culinary musical tasting tour as she explores how our food choices have the power to enhance and support our lives as musicians both on and off the stage. Tara-Lee will demonstrate how to fuel your temple with insanely vibrant dishes exploding with flavour and nourishing in nutrients.

22nd October
Part 1: Recipes to support nerves and optimise your performance

Bananas for Beethoven? Chia seeds for Chopin? Green Tea for Grieg?

Did you know musicians can significantly manage performance anxiety with their food choices? It’s a scientifically proven fact that certain foods have anxiety-reducing properties.

Join Tara-Lee as she discusses how eating a simple diet rich in antioxidants, magnesium, complex carbohydrates, and omega-3’s can conquer unwanted bow vibrato, and who doesn’t want that?!

You don’t need a degree in food science or a Michelin star to recreate Tara-Lee’s flavour-bombed recipes. Planning what you eat before playing, dare I say it, is more important than planning what you practise. Forget freaking out about up-bow spiccato and octaves, instead, make sure avocados, spinach, and dark chocolate are on this weeks shopping list.

Other dates in this series

27th October
Part 2: Recipes to increase concentration and improve brain and gut health

29th October
Part 3: Recipes for slow-energy release (and Zoom fatigue!)

Flavour Queen, matcha addict, wholefoods chef, culinary creative, educator, innovator, and professional cellist, Tara-Lee has traversed the globe with her cello, yoga mat, and Vitamix. Her mission is to inspire and educate others to make informed, conscious, and sustainable food choices, thus increasing our bodies’ energy, optimising our health, and balancing our mind and emotional well-being.


Thu 22. October 2020, 4:30–5:00 Recorded Class

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Tara-Lee Byrne