Recipes to Increase Concentration and Improve Brain and Gut Health (27th October 2020)

Tara-Lee Byrne


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Join Tara-Lee, the conscious cheffing cellist, in a 3-part culinary musical tasting tour as she explores how our food choices have the power to enhance and support our lives as musicians both on and off the stage. Tara-Lee will demonstrate how to fuel your temple with insanely vibrant dishes exploding with flavour and nourishing in nutrients.

27th October
Part 2. Recipes to increase concentration and improve brain and gut health

What does your gut, brain, and memorising Bach’s Ciaconna have in common? Allow me to introduce you to a musician's new BFF. The vagus nerve. Our brain and gut are connected via the vagus nerve. It is the inner walkie-talkie between our brain and gut. Hidden in the walls of our digestive system is our second brain, our glorious gut. When there is irritation in the gut, our second brain can send signals to our central nervous system, which can alter mood and affect cognitive thinking and memory. It wasn’t that you didn’t want to practise or were having a mental block with Bach, your digestive health has a part to play.

Are you making the connection yet? A happy healthy gut = alert and focused brain = ninja technique = badass Bach.

Join the conscious cheffing cellist, Tara-Lee as she deep dives into the microbiome exploring the gut/brain axis, how to influence and fuel your mood with fermented foods, and seasonal recipes to increase concentration that would make the Karate Kid envious.

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22nd October
Part 1. Recipes to support nerves & optimise your performance

29th October
Part 3. Recipes for slow-energy release (& Zoom fatigue!)

Flavour Queen, matcha addict, wholefoods chef, culinary creative, educator, innovator, and professional cellist,
Tara-Lee has traversed the globe with her cello, yoga mat, and Vitamix. Her mission is to inspire and educate others to make informed, conscious, and sustainable food choices, thus increasing our bodies’ energy, optimising our health, and balancing our mind and emotional well-being.


Tue 27. October 2020, 6:30–7:00 Recorded Class

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Tara-Lee Byrne