It's a Set-Up! (VIOLIN & VIOLA)

Claire Stefani

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It's a Set-Up! (VIOLIN & VIOLA) - 2 part workshop / 23rd and 24th June

Yep, this workshop is about chinrests and shoulder rests, also about neck bliss and shoulder happiness, … and about anything that may hurt as a result of a wrong set-up! YOU will set the initial steps of this 2-part workshop by sharing the top 3 issues/questions you may have about chin/shoulder rest set-up and would like to see addressed … and you will get some element of answers to these questions in the 2nd hour. See, it IS a set-up!!

While playing discomfort is never ONLY about a bad chinrest or shoulder rest, the set-up matters when exploring ways to eliminate unwanted tensions and be smarter about how we move around the instrument. Whether you are questioning your latest chinrest and/or shoulder rest, or trying to release tension around your set-up, or getting stuck figuring out how to keep that scroll up so that you are fully ready for a commanding stage entrance whenever we can resume sharing music in public (!!!), this workshop is aimed to bring you some answers to these issues … and more!

Please submit your questions to Claire in advance by emailing


Classes held via zoom, limited to small numbers. This event has multiple classes. Missed a class? You can still purchase a ticket to access the recording.

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All sessions: €40.00 Individual sessions: €20.00
Wed 23. June 2021 Past Event
11:00–12:00 America/Chicago
It's a set up VIOLIN & VIOLA - Part 1
Thu 24. June 2021 Past Event
11:00–12:00 America/Chicago
It's a set up VIOLIN & VIOLA - Part 2

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Claire Stefani