It's a Set-Up! (Viola)


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What matters (... and what doesn't) when attempting to optimize violin/viola chin/shoulder rest set-up?

In this fascinating class, concentrating specifically on the viola, Claire Stefani will address how to set the proper somatic foundation for ANY set-up to work, and then offer guidelines on how to successfully adjust chin and shoulder rests to one's body type.

While playing discomfort is never ONLY about a bad chinrest or shoulder rest, the set-up matters when exploring ways to eliminate unwanted tensions and be smarter about how we move around the instrument. This process has more to do with assembling a puzzle than finding a miracle product that will quickly fix movement limitations!
Claire will first use Body Mapping to reinforce a few important anatomical realities of the shoulder joint and the spine. She will then review some chin and shoulder rests options allowing a free and safe movement, and discuss how to customized some of these to multiple body types.


Mon 14.12.20, 9:00–10:00

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Price: €20.00

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