Introduction to Piano Somatics: A 6-month Study Group

Alan Fraser

Alan Fraser Bonn 2013

October 17th: The Thumb: Pianistic Ugly Duckling or Radiant Swan?

The thumb constitutes a full 50% of the hand and maintains a unique relationship to the fingers: that of opposition. When pianists try to make the thumb similar to the fingers they disempower it, robbing it of its ability to empower the entire hand. The thumb needs to revel in its uniqueness, taking upon itself fully its position of functional ascendancy in the hand. Only then, when the thumb offers the fingers its full support, are they free to run like the wind and fly like a bird. This first of two seminars on the thumb teaches it to stand alone. The series of exercises explores its unique structure and unique way of moving, focusing especially on the thumb metacarpal bone, which in many pianists remains relatively inert. It also relates the thumb back to the whole body, ensuring that the changes experienced during the lesson will be integrated and useable in the future. Seminar Structure:75-minute ATPM lesson: Thumb Stands, Thumb Push-ups, Thumb Rotations, Thumb Slides – An Entire Regime of Thumb Calisthenics Two 40-minute individual lessons on repertoire, applying the seminar themes in performance. 25-minute discussion and close: question & answer round table

Monthly dates 2021

  • June 20 (Free Introductory Session available to view HERE)
  • July 18
  • September 19
  • October 17
  • November 21
  • December 19
  • January 16

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Introduction to Piano Somatics A 6 month Study Group Lesson plan


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