Galamian Scales Explained (19th October 2020)

Gwendolyn Masin

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Galamian scales are one of the most widely used scale systems – and yet remain elusive to many. Interestingly, Galamian’s views on playing are much in keeping with aspects of Gwendolyn’s teaching. Galamian disagreed with the idea that the violin must be taught from a physical angle, stating that technical mastery depends on the control of mind over muscle, rather than agility of fingers. In this session, Gwendolyn will explain the many ways in which these scales are ideal warm-up material, lifting the lid on how those turns at the end of each scale serve a brilliant purpose: mastering scales this way allows the left fingers to learn spacing for every possible position on the violin. Moreover, these scales offer the possibility to work on nearly every aspect of technique, showing the interdependence and relationship of many technical elements, making the daily routine of playing scales an adventure as opposed to a chore.


Mon 19. October 2020, 4:00–5:00 Recorded Class

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Gwendolyn Masin