Body Mapping: The Intersection of Breathing & Balance in Music-making

Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson

Body Mapping: The Intersection of Breathing & Balance in Music-making

*There will be movement explorations using the instruments- have them at the ready. Please dress in loose, comfortable clothing and also have a yoga mat/blanket, paper/pen, some face cloths ready.

Day One: Monday January 24th

Intro to Body Mapping

An exploration of what Body Mapping is, how important our spines are in music-making and how retraining our movement, senses and attention can revolutionize our playing.

Day Two: Tuesday January 25th

How Do We Breathe?

This session will examine the common misconceptions of breathing that lead to unnecessary muscular work in the torso, which in turn contribute to the discomfort of standing or sitting to play in long rehearsals. Learning to breathe with only necessary muscular work will lead to more freedom in the arm and torso muscles that create our music-making movements.

Day Three: Wednesday January 26th

Balance while Standing and Sitting to Play

Day Three examines how to stand and how to sit in balance without discomfort, pain and grip! The Six Places of Balance in the Body will be explored to address ailments like lower back and neck and shoulder region pain.

Day Four: Thursday January 27th

The Intersection of Breathing and Balance

This session entails a deeper experiential examination with the instruments of standing, sitting and breathing while playing. We will discover how when we breathe without the unnecessary muscle work that common cultural myths lead us into, balance through the bony structure is easier to achieve… and vice-versa!

Day Five: Friday January 28th

Breathing to Phrase/ Questions and Experimenting on Instruments

The first part of this session will explore how learning to breathe well assists all musicians in their phrasing. Important breathing techniques designed especially for musicians who do not produce their sound directly via breath (i.e. non-wind/brass players/singers) are included.

The second part of this session will consist of addressing specific questions, confusions around breathing and balance while playing from the participants.


Classes held via zoom, limited to small numbers. This event has multiple classes. Missed a class? You can still purchase a ticket to access the recording.

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