Body Mapping the Arms and Hands

Jennifer Johnson

Photo Jennifer teaching BMG Jennifer Johnson

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Join Jennifer for another of her ever popular courses on Body Mapping, this time concentrating on the arms and hands.

Monday, January 25

We will start with an overview of what a whole arm is and we will cover all the common mismappings that cause tension and prevent easy movement for musicians at arm joint #1. We will finish day 1 with whole arm explorations at the instrument to discover how mapping the whole arm can produce bigger sound with less effort.

Tuesday, January 26

This session will cover all the possible movements from arm joint #2 and the associated mismappings that cause musicians’ injuries in the shoulder joint. There will also be an overview of the structure of Arm Joint #3- the elbow. Explorations to experience the practical implications at the instrument will complete day 2.

Wednesday, January 27

Our final interactive lecture of the week will finish exploring the elbow joint to discover the common cause of tendonitis in musicians. We will remap the wrist and hand/fingers to find more freedom and facility at our instruments.

Thursday, January 28

Our final class will be an opportunity for any and all participants to ask questions, share their own mapping discoveries and play for a few minutes in an informal master class-type Q&A. This is recommended for anyone who is already experiencing some type of injury or pain and would like a few minutes of individual attention to ensure they are clear on how to proceed in changing their movement patterns. Please come with your questions!


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