3 Things Everyone Should Know About Marketing Themselves (16th December 2020)

James Stanbridge

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3 Things Everyone Should Know About Marketing Themselves

This 60-minute course will give you the tools, the knowledge and the confidence to start marketing yourself as professionally as you would approach your performance preparations.

You will leave the class with experience gained from industry expert, James Stanbridge, and material from Heidi Lang, who have between them built products and businesses as diverse as Microsoft, Oracle Cloud, and the National Baseball Association of America. They have also built an enviable reputation amongst professional musicians for their no-nonsense, pragmatic advice. Advice that is instantly useable and effective.

In addition, you will have your customer database set up (a ‘free of charge forever’ account with HubSpot), a basic level of targeting and a marketing template to ‘go forth and be wonderful’ including:

1) Invest in your brand – understanding what you as a musician are, in terms of a brand

2) A marketing plan – a budget, a strategy, and a clear set of objectives

3) How to embrace social media – you may not love it, but ignore it at your peril

4) What’s free (and great!) – plenty of businesses only use free tools, you can too

5) Don’t be scared of SEO – search engines can generate organic (unpaid for) audiences for you and your brand

“I decided it is time to scratch a very big itch of mine and implore musicians running a small business (themselves!) to take marketing seriously, not to treat it as an afterthought, and give it the respect it deserves. After all there is nothing worse than wasted opportunity!

The purpose of marketing is to generate sales and revenue in whatever sense that might be, and without sales, as we all know, you haven’t got a business. Some musicians seem to hope, if they just practise more, they will come, but in this day and age where our attention is dragged in so many directions by so many different things, it is more important than ever to stay at the forefront of your potential audience’ mind. You are not going to do that unless you are active and committed in your marketing.

“The Exhale and I, we’re all about :

Making it Simple, Making it Work For You“


Wed 16. December 2020, 12:00–13:00 Recorded Class

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